Linggo, Hunyo 22, 2014

Athena's 4th Birthday

Just like that, our little girl is now four years old! For this year, we wanted to make our celebration more simple so we decided to spend the day at home and surprise her with the little things she wanted.

Athena's actual birthday fell on a weekday. Immediately after our shifts, Mic and I went straight to our San Mateo home to greet our sweet little girl on her birthday.

Candle blowing- Check!

"wow, a princess story book and play doh!"

 Nanay Bear, Tatay Bear and Baby Bear

Since most of Athena's friends live near my mom's house, we prepared a small "pool" and snack party inside our garage,

some sweet treats, chicken and spaghetti

 summer fun!

Merm and Tinay

Oh what fun it was! 

Dear Lord, 

Thank you for giving us our life's best blessing- that is having our little girl Athena. Please bless her with good health, happiness and all the best things that life could bring. May she grow up to be a kind, loving and good person... and puts God above everything. May she learn a lot from her day to day life, enjoy school and value education. Please keep her away from harm and make her a strong person so that she could face all of life's challenges positively.