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Papa's Heart

Happy Holidays, guys!

This season has never been more meaningful to us. As far as I know, we got our gift to early.. it's too precious that no one can dare to touch. It's not material at all - it is Papa's heart. 

Let me tell our story.


Day One

One November morning, I was busy doing some weekend reports at home when Mama (my MIL) called us up, telling that Papa had a bad fall. Mic and I did not have further hesitations and decided to drive all the way to San Mateo to help Mama and bring Papa to the hospital. Our daughter Athena was also at my in-laws, so we asked my mom to come with us. While on our way, we received a phone call that Papa was already rushed to Garcia General Hospital. 

With one look, we could already tell that it was something serious. Papa's face was too pale and he's hands and feet were cold. 60/40. Yes. That was his blood pressure at that moment. The attending doctor told us that Papa had a heart attack. Before they could do so much, they had to ask my mother-in-law to pay one thing after another. We also had several trips to the drug store which is a good 15-or-so minutes drive. We emptied our pockets and handed Mama the last money that we had so that we could provide what was needed. Unfortunately, we were so financially short to even pay for the ambulance to bring Papa to the Philippine Heart Center. Dr. Rodulfo said that he needed an immediate operation, else, we might lose him. He was diagnosed with aortic aneurysm (swelling of the aorta) Good thing Mama was able to raise some more money, just enough for the next demands of our journey.

Day Two

Papa was brought to the Philippine Heart Center. We were asked to pay more or less PhP 19,000 just for the Aortogram (I think this is the test to see whatever abnormalities Papa's Aorta had). Just. the. test. Mama was also requested to at least make a down payment of PhP 50,000, which she thankfully was able to save. After the test, we were informed that we really had to push through with the operation.

The Emergency Room of the PHC has no chairs baside the patients' beds. If watchers have to take some rest, they would need to make do with wherever corner or gutter or chair that they could find. It was really uncomfortable. The food choices within the vicinity were also limited - fastfood or 711. 

While Mama was fixing some papers, Mic and I were summoned to the Nurse's station. We were informed that we'll need to prepare a grand sum 500K - 1M. One. Million.Pesos. For crying out loud! they also found out that the operation will be too risky, for they found out that Papa also has diabetes, issues with his kidney and Cataract. Tears are starting to flow from my eyes. Mic was still calm. So was Mama. We talked on how to proceed, knowing that we are not millionaires. 

Upon stepping out of the ER, Mic and I embraced each other so tight. I cried tears that I had for my father. I told my husband, "Nandito lang ako, nandito lang ako, hindi kita iiwan". On that situation, I thought that he needs me like a sister more than like a wife. Mic is his parents' only child. 

That day, I received my 13th month pay. I bid my Ipad2 dreams goodbye. Papa's situation needs the money more than anything else.

Day Two Point Five

Papa was brought to the Operating Room (even without the PhP 500,000 deposit). He was placed under charity as offered by his surgeon (God bless his heart). The operation took 12 hours.

Day Three - Week One

After the Operation and staying at the Recovery Room, Papa was brought to the ICU. There, he spent days and nights with tubes of all sorts in his entire body. He can't speak, he wasn't allowed to eat. The viewing hours were just too few (like more or less 4 hrs. a day) and we'll just have to wait and stay outside. Due to business needs of my work, I decided to skip reporting just for 3 days. Mic stayed in the hospital to look after his dad. We would only see each other for a few hours, 3 times a week.

Week Two - Week Four

Day by day, our bill grew and grew. Five hundred thousand became 800K, and then a  Million and then more. Mama went all over the place to look for charities, while Mic looked after Papa. Kuya Bong (Mic's cousin) and Tita Fely (my MIL's sister) also took turns in attending. I just worked so that we could still provide our other needs. 

The whole experience was physically, emotionally and financially draining. Everyday, we prayed hard asking God to give Papa more years with us. Papa was already able to go out of the hospital and is now recuperating. God is good-- he made us stronger to survive and used people to help.

This Christmas, we wish for nothing material, but for our lives to go back to normal, for our family to stay healthy and happy together.

Sabado, Nobyembre 10, 2012

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo: Ang Unang Libro ng Crush Kong si Ramon Bautista

May Libro Na, May Libreng Notebook Pa
Sa lahat ng self-help books na nabasa ko e ito ang pinaka-wasak. Hindi na masama ang PhP 160 ko. : )

Martes, Oktubre 30, 2012

InTENsity 5: Kwentong RiSci Post-Hayskul

October 27, 2012 has marked another milestone for RiSci (Rizal National Science High School.. the school that built my friendship with ELF) as it celebrated its First Grand Alumni Homecoming with InTENsity 5.11 batches got together to rekindle old friendships and reminisce the good old days where it all started.

Syempre.. bilang si Manager Engr. Salutatorian Rowie (whom should I would like to thank for the pictures) ang batch rep namin for this event... hindi pwedeng hindi full force ang ELF.

Each batch was provided with a tent


Syempre bago kami pumasok sa event, nagbigay-pugay muna kami kina Ate Liza at Mang Arnel. Sila yung may-ari ng sari-sari store sa tapat ng school kung saan lagi kaming tumatambay. Pardon the lousiness of the next photos.. ampanget nung camera ko e. Hehe.

With Ate Liza and Mang Arnel

It's so sweet of them to keep a collage of RiScian students who are close to their hearts. Nasan ang ELF? Nasa lower right part nung collage n may malaking muka ng "old" guy friend namin



I-Galileo with our Class Adviser, Mrs. Gutierrez (Ms. Gondra pa sya dati)

Stacy and Nato

Me and Nato

Side Kwento:
Hindi ko alam kung may sumpa ba ako nung highschool kaya lahat ng nagiging ka-buddy ko sa COCC at CAT eh nagku-quit. Nung bivouac, tinanong nung Commandant kung sino ang walang buddy. Dalawa lang kami ni Natong nagtaas ng kamay. Ayun. Kaya badi na ang tawagan namin ever since. Nga pla.. Corps Commander namin sya. 

The exhausted yet accomplished Rowie Agustin

Too bad Mic and I had to leave early because of a christening that we'll attend the next day. Na-miss tuloy namin ang unli mobile bar which they packaged for just PhP 80... at hindi din kami nakasama sa El Pedro's with the rest of the ELF.

Nung pauwi na kami ni Mic, bigla lang namin napag-usapan... pag malaki na si Athena.. RiSci din namin sya pag-aaralin. Quality education at it's finest... our pride, our hope beloved school.

Huwebes, Oktubre 18, 2012

Mic's Wisdom Tooth Experience

Mic has been complaining about his toothache since last week. He said that it was so painful that he couldn't really report for work. Incidentally, our neighbor and family dentist Dr. Carmela Santos is accredited by our HMO provider. She told Mic to undergo an xray. True enough, Mic's wisdom tooth was causing all his agony. 

The Verdict: the wisdom tooth has to be removed
The Catch: Not just an ordinary tooth extraction will solve the problem. The case needs a minor surgery.

SURGERY! My goodness! Hindi ko alam na inoopera pala ang tao dahil lang sa sakit ng ngipin!

The Clincher: The HMO Card doesn't cover the operation. A different dentist did Mic's xray and said she's charging a minimun of PhP 7,000 if she will do the procedure, which may increase depending on the case. Good thing, Ate Lala (Dr. Santos) said that she'll be referring us to a dentist in Medical Tower in Makati to do the operation. Since she knows us, she first mentioned that the damage will just be PhP 5,000. However, as they reviewed Mic's xray results, they changed the rate to PhP 6000 (which is just fine... kahit namasahe kami, feeling ko nakasave pa din kami ng PhP500). And so we set the appointment. 


Back Story:

I was feeling a bit exhausted a few weeks back due to month-end reporting so my boss asked me if I wanted to go on leave. I filed Oct. 18 and 19, thinking that I could perhaps have "me" time, go to the mall or meet some friends. However, Mic's operation was scheduled on Oct. 18. Sakto!


And so we went to Makati.

 Here is Mic filling out the form. 

Mic: Brad, halika dito
Nic: Bakit?
Mic: Ano yung Syphilis? (Referring to the form question 'Has Syphilis? Yes or No")
Nic: Ang alam ko STD yun
Mic: Wala ka naman sigurong ganun no?
Nic: GAGU! 

The operation lasted about two and a half  hours. It was just supposed to be two hours... but it took the dentist several shots of anesthesia on Mic because the initial 1 or 2 just won't work. Ang tigas kasi ng muka ni Mic. Chos. Good thing the clinic has magazines. 

What I did to kill two and a half hours while waiting:

1. Read 2 Preview magazines (cover to cover)
2. Read 1 Pugad Baboy comic book
3. Had Lunch (at 6:00 PM, I think)
4. Watched GMA dramas on the clinic TV
5. Had a quick trip to a drug store
6. Used the wash room twice
7. Listened to a radio show from my phone.

We went to Mega Mall for a quick dinner before heading back home. I tell you.. Mic was so swollen that I barely understood him while talking. He had spaghetti and ice cream for dinner.

After eating, we dropped by Watsons to buy his medications (21 capsules) . The pharmacist told us that they don't have the prescribed brand, but we were given with 2 choices:

Brand 1: PhP 85 per capsule
Generic: PhP 31 per capsule (this is what we got, of course! we just bought 10)

The dentist told Mic to eat ice cream as a part of his meal for the next 24 hrs... but told us to get those light colored flavors (vanilla, for instance) and not those with chocolate and/or nuts as those types will just promote bleeding. We got this 3-in-one thing from 7-11. 

Meanwhile, there's a The Generics Pharmacy right across the street. We asked how much the infamous capsule was. Just 6 Pesos each. Cheap. We instantly got 11. Sayang.. Sana pala dun na lang namin binili lahat. We could have saved PhP 250. Half gallon ng ice cream din yun.

As I am typing this post, Mic just went back to this very bed after popping one of these capsules and spitting some blood. I think I'll have to stay awake until his next scheduled meds. Still, he speaks like that guy Bane from the Dark Knight Rises.


Since my siblings started working, we made this pakana that whoever gets his/her pay for that week would sponsor the Sunday Family Lunch. Hindi naman bongga. In Tagalog, sya magbibigay ng pamalengke kay mother dear para happy naman ang Sunday Lunch.

To spare Merm from doing the pamamalengke and pagluluto hardship, I decided to take our family to Tiende for Lunch. Ang catch: bawal lumagpas sa PhP 800 ang budget. Game!


 Pixie's Rellenong Bangus

 Roasted Chicken

Sinigang na Baboy

The Peraltas

Tinay's Outfit for the Day
Top: Peppermint
Shorts: Taytay Tiangge
Boots: Barbie

Tagumpay naman ang budget mode.. Naka 700 something lang ako... 

After lunch, we strolled a bit and found uber cute pets for sale.





We went home happy and full... Come 9:00 PM (I think) Cherry, Bujoy and I had a couple of shots of this concoction (J├Ągermeister+Gin+Chuckie).

 I just don't know if this mix already existed.. or we just invented out of "let's make do of what we have in the fridge".

Random Blah-Blah

What's going on, chocolate mamon?

Hiyang-hiya naman ako na Sept 25, 2012 pa yung huli kong post...

Month-ends always mean extended hours spent in the office... roughly 4 hrs of OT (Oh, TY!) per day. In my current job, such reporting periods mean 2 weeks of office camping. I'm just too dead tired when I get home. Well, at least I could still get a glimpse of facebook and blogread... but just too tired to update my blog. Not that I'm complaining... I just wish that I have 28 hrs. a day. On a lighter note, rendered extra hours means... my job still needs me.

Martes, Setyembre 25, 2012

Workforce Goes to Sambo Kojin

One of the many perks that we receive from my current workplace is that they give us employees opportunities for work and life balance... thus the company-funded quarterly team building activities! Yey!

We usually hold our quarterly escapades at Chicago in Ortigas, and had one in Vikings. This time, due to schedule constraints, we just had a casual dinner in Sambo Kojin. We rushed our daily reports to have dinner with the rest of the team hehe..

This is actually my first time to visit the place, and yet to try the smokeless grill. Being "gutom" that I was, I first indulged with the sushi that they serve. I tell you.. they're so good that I think I had 7!

They have a wide variety of stuff to be grilled- shrimps, fish, bacon-wrapped asparagus and mushrooms, and eggs among others.

We also splurged on desserts. I had scoops of vanilla and strawberry ice cream, cream puffs and more...

Aside from eating and usual get together, mini-awarding ceremonies are also being held during our team building sessions.

The Reporting Girls: Me, Tess and Lia (we got certificates and Dairy Queen GCs) ^_^

After and hour or so of dinner, we came back to the office to finish a couple of more reports. We were asking the "Boss" to hold our next gig at Vikings. Hope he says yes.

About SamboKojin

SAMBO KOJIN Yakiniku Smokeless Grill The rituals of grilling enhanced. The merging of cuisines celebrated. The mastery of Japanese and Korean chefmanships acclaimed.


Monday to Friday LUNCH P 499 No Left Over Price
Monday to Friday DINNER P 599 No Left Over Price
Saturday to Sunday and Holidays (LUNCH & DINNER) P 649 No Left Over Price
Children below 4 ft. P299 No Left Over Price
(Add P200 only for leftover)

Eastwood Citywalk 1
E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5), Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number
(+63 2) 421-0145 to 46
Operating Hours
Monday to Thursday 11:00am - 2:00pm for lunch and 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday to Sunday 11:00am - 2:00pm for lunch and 5:30pm - 10:00pm for dinner

Lunes, Setyembre 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Papa (Mic's dad) celebrated his 60th birthday last Sept. 16, 2012, a day after we came from Ilo-ilo. His  actual birthday was on the 12th, though. Before going to Papa's celeb, we dropped by at Conti's in Katipunan to purchase Mango Bravo Cake. Sinama namin si Merm (nanay ko) para full blast.

His siblings came over to their house in San Mateo. Lahat may dalang food. Ang ending... may lechon, some more viands, at 4 na bilao ng iba't ibang pancit (bihon, canton, malabon at miki-bihon). Super long life for Papa!

Athena with the Mango Bravo Cake

 Nic, Mic, Papa, Athena and Mama

The Peraltas

Happy birthday, Papa. May God bless you with good health and happiness that would last as long as you live. We love you!

Ilo-ilo, ELF at mga "Airplane Virgins"

And so i'm back! : )

At dahil sa matagal-tagal din akong missing in action sa blogosphere, I have a handful of stories to share from ELF and Partners' Ilo-ilo- Guimaras Escapade, na na-feature din sa blog ng ating friend na si Joanne. 

Day 1

After our shifts, Mic and I went home to get our things and leave my work laptop (which is a bit heavy at AYOKO magdala ng trabaho sa trip, hehe). We rested for a few minutes and headed to Junction to meet the rest of the gang. The initial plan was to get 2 cabs. Luckily, Joel was able to transact with an FX driver, who agreed to bring us to NAIA Terminal 3 for PhP1000. At least, sabay-sabay kaming lahat. Susyal yung FX. May portable DVD player kaya super watch kami ng My Amnesia Girl on the way to the Airport.

Checking In

While checking in, tinanong ako nung ate "Ma'am buntis po?". Wow. Sabi ko... chubby lang ako te. Hindi ako preggy. Hahaha #Haynako.

Mejo maaga kami dumating for the flight. We had breakfast at Burger King, and took photos to our heart's content.

"Airplane Virgins"

First time namin ni Mic na sumakay sa eroplano. While on board...

Nic to Joanne: Hindi na ako natutuwa friend... Para akong sumakay sa G-Liner na dumadaan sa lubak na kalsada at may sampung taong sabay-sabay na bumubuga ng hangin sa straw sa tenga ko.

View from the plane


We rented a van to bring us to One Lourdes Dormitel. The place was comfortable yet affordable for only P1048 per day.

 Mabuti na lang at may pa-twalya showcase.. at least hindi na nabasa ang mga towels namin

We had lunch at Roberto's.

 I like the festive lamps and tassles

Pares-pares Anime-Anime 
Rowie, Joanne, Nic, Mic

After lunch, we headed to San Joaquin to visit the San Joaquin church. The jeepney fare costs PhP 60. Walang traffic, mabilis and byahe. Isipin mo kung gaano kalayo. ^_^

San Joaquin Church, located in San Joaquin, Iloilo, was built by the Augustinian Order in 1869. It is known as the only church in the country with a militaristic facade, incoporating the bas-relief mural Rendicion de Tetuan. Source
Second Stop: Miagao Church

 The Miag-ao Church was built in 1786 by Spanish Augustinian missionaries and was declared as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Baroque Churches of the Philippines" in 1993. Source

At dahil sa kumota na kami sa mga simbahan, at wala pa kaming tulog galing sa shift, naisip namin ni Mic na nakakamiss na ang dormitel. Joanne, Lori, JC, Joana and Rowie went to Racso's, while Joel, Mic, Sophie and I headed back to the dormitel.

Masarap matulog. Paggising ko, may 3 missed calls, 6 na texts. Galing pala kina Lori. Tsaka ko lang naisip na hindi pa pala kami kumakain. At around 1:30 AM, Mic, Joel and I went to the bayan for our "Madaling Araw Life". Buti na lang, may 24-hrs na Chowking. Kundi, mawawalan kami ng lakas sa Day 2.