Huwebes, Oktubre 18, 2012

Mic's Wisdom Tooth Experience

Mic has been complaining about his toothache since last week. He said that it was so painful that he couldn't really report for work. Incidentally, our neighbor and family dentist Dr. Carmela Santos is accredited by our HMO provider. She told Mic to undergo an xray. True enough, Mic's wisdom tooth was causing all his agony. 

The Verdict: the wisdom tooth has to be removed
The Catch: Not just an ordinary tooth extraction will solve the problem. The case needs a minor surgery.

SURGERY! My goodness! Hindi ko alam na inoopera pala ang tao dahil lang sa sakit ng ngipin!

The Clincher: The HMO Card doesn't cover the operation. A different dentist did Mic's xray and said she's charging a minimun of PhP 7,000 if she will do the procedure, which may increase depending on the case. Good thing, Ate Lala (Dr. Santos) said that she'll be referring us to a dentist in Medical Tower in Makati to do the operation. Since she knows us, she first mentioned that the damage will just be PhP 5,000. However, as they reviewed Mic's xray results, they changed the rate to PhP 6000 (which is just fine... kahit namasahe kami, feeling ko nakasave pa din kami ng PhP500). And so we set the appointment. 


Back Story:

I was feeling a bit exhausted a few weeks back due to month-end reporting so my boss asked me if I wanted to go on leave. I filed Oct. 18 and 19, thinking that I could perhaps have "me" time, go to the mall or meet some friends. However, Mic's operation was scheduled on Oct. 18. Sakto!


And so we went to Makati.

 Here is Mic filling out the form. 

Mic: Brad, halika dito
Nic: Bakit?
Mic: Ano yung Syphilis? (Referring to the form question 'Has Syphilis? Yes or No")
Nic: Ang alam ko STD yun
Mic: Wala ka naman sigurong ganun no?
Nic: GAGU! 

The operation lasted about two and a half  hours. It was just supposed to be two hours... but it took the dentist several shots of anesthesia on Mic because the initial 1 or 2 just won't work. Ang tigas kasi ng muka ni Mic. Chos. Good thing the clinic has magazines. 

What I did to kill two and a half hours while waiting:

1. Read 2 Preview magazines (cover to cover)
2. Read 1 Pugad Baboy comic book
3. Had Lunch (at 6:00 PM, I think)
4. Watched GMA dramas on the clinic TV
5. Had a quick trip to a drug store
6. Used the wash room twice
7. Listened to a radio show from my phone.

We went to Mega Mall for a quick dinner before heading back home. I tell you.. Mic was so swollen that I barely understood him while talking. He had spaghetti and ice cream for dinner.

After eating, we dropped by Watsons to buy his medications (21 capsules) . The pharmacist told us that they don't have the prescribed brand, but we were given with 2 choices:

Brand 1: PhP 85 per capsule
Generic: PhP 31 per capsule (this is what we got, of course! we just bought 10)

The dentist told Mic to eat ice cream as a part of his meal for the next 24 hrs... but told us to get those light colored flavors (vanilla, for instance) and not those with chocolate and/or nuts as those types will just promote bleeding. We got this 3-in-one thing from 7-11. 

Meanwhile, there's a The Generics Pharmacy right across the street. We asked how much the infamous capsule was. Just 6 Pesos each. Cheap. We instantly got 11. Sayang.. Sana pala dun na lang namin binili lahat. We could have saved PhP 250. Half gallon ng ice cream din yun.

As I am typing this post, Mic just went back to this very bed after popping one of these capsules and spitting some blood. I think I'll have to stay awake until his next scheduled meds. Still, he speaks like that guy Bane from the Dark Knight Rises.

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  1. aaawwww... naoopera pala un... grabe naman...

  2. Tama.. Kaya pangarap lng talaga yung plano kong mag megamall mag isa. Hehe

  3. Mabuti na lang at wala akong impacted or wisdom tooth na kailangan ng opera! Yun normal nga na bunot ng ngipin e hinihimatay ako, pano pa pag minor surgery!

    At mahalya fuentes ah!

  4. Sayang naman at may tig 6 pesos na gamot e nabili nyo na yung medyo mahal.Hope for your hubby's speedy recovery! Medyo mahirap kumain pag ganyan.