Linggo, Hulyo 8, 2012

If Only Weekends Do Not End

Eversince I started working, I have always wished that weekends would never end. What would be lovelier than staying at home and enjoying a hot soup for lunch with the rest of the family on a breezy Sunday afternoon? Nothing, I guess.

My mother's Nilagang Baka 

While enjoying our lunch, we watched ASAP on TV. Today's episode commemorates Star Magic's 20th anniversary. It was sooo fun! It's like we all went time traveling back to the 90's as we witnessed the cast of Ang TV on screen. Jan Marini, Lindsay Custodio, Marc Solis, Gio Alvarez, Rica Peralejo and more. It's not that we're huge fans... but I think, we just loved reminiscing how we patiently waited for 4:30 when we were younger. Kasi nga. "4:30 na.. Ang TV na!".

Mic, Tinay and I went strolling around the village, and bought ice cream for the three of us to enjoy. Afterwards, we all took a dip in our barkada's inflatable pool. Well, this is sort of a barkada property.. since we decided to chip-in and purchase one last summer instead of swimming in a resort. At least, we can swim to our heart's content whenever we feel like doing so. #mastipid.

Impromptu Swimming Party at the Garage

Oyo (one of our Barkadas) bagged 3rd Place in a Billiards competition so he decided to buy a kilo of pork and hotdogs for us to grill. Instant house party at it's finest. My mom (whom we fondly call "Merm"- we mimicked how Harry Potter pronounces the word "Mom"), Bujoy (my sister) and the rest of the gang joined the pool fun, too.

Bujoy, Lola Merm and Athena

Me and Cherry

Grilled Liempo, Hotdogs, San Mig Light and Tanduay Ice = FOR THE WIN!


This is how we usually spend our weekends... nothing fancy, not too expensive, but definitely fun. Staycations are always great. Nothing really beats the comfort of home. 

It's just too sad that it's already Monday as I type this. Sigh. I wish weekends would never end.

Have a wonderful start of the week everyone! 

Lots of Love,

<Alyas Tropang Ina>

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  1. Nakakatakot yun mata ng mag-ama sa 2nd pic, hehe!

    Wow, pa-experience naman ng inflatable pool!!

  2. enjoy din akong maligo sa inflatable pool with my niece :)

  3. saya talaga ng weekends! nainggit ako sa food at sa pool! :)