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Athena's 3rd Birthday : Some DIYs

Hello there!

It's been a while since I last posted on this somewhat-neglected-blog. I think there's no better way to be back than to share my unica hija's 3rd birthday mini-party! Yey!

We were not actually planning to have a big celebration.. but since Tita Fidela (hubby's aunt) gave Athena something to start the preps with, then we decided to push through.

My daughter's special day fell on a summer month, so we came up with a Nautical Theme.

Hindi naman bongga itey, friends. Tamang kain-kain lang.

Here are some DIYs that we did to save some moolah and give the bash some personal touch. Let's go!

The Invites

I got the invite template for free from www.zazzle.com, and personalized it a bit using my imagination, love and affection (chos to the highest level!)

 Materials: Hot Glue, String, Corrugated Paper, Colored Paper, Scissors, Beads, Popsicle Sticks, Tape

Finished Product :)


Mic's officemate bought a personal fridge. We accompanied him and his gf when they got the item from the mall. I asked the couple if I could "arbor" the box and the styrofoams. Afterall, basura lang naman yun : D.

After some, cutting, painting, and complaining from the tropa (whom I deeply thank from the bottom of my heart), here's what we came up with...

Annel to Nic: "Mag-iinom lang kasi papahirapan mo pa kami. Wag mo na uulitin to ha. Sa Jollibee ka magpa-party ng anak mo next year" (bwahahaha)
SS Athena. Capt. Michicoi on duty!

Other Bits and Decor Pieces
 Backdrop made from an old Duyan and Styrofoam

 Cupcake toppers printed (grabbed from the net), Marshmallow fondant made by my sister Bujoy

 Monogram (out of the same styrofoam from "that fridge", scrap cloths and Athena's old hair ribbon)


 Table Centerpiece

 Vases from empty Sola Iced Tea Bottles

Welcome Signage (na katas pa din nung libreng styro)

There you have it!

I will post the partey soon. Thanks for dropping by.


Ang kuripot na Tropang Ina

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  1. cute! sayang di ako naka attend, favorite ko pa naman ang nautical theme, baka naiuwi ko ang paper boat at kung ano ano pa :) belated happy birthday Athena! :)

  2. Kuripot pero super creative at talented! Galing mo friend, please i-organize mo bday party ko.. hahaha

  3. Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.

  4. pag-usapan natin sa saturday yan :)