Martes, Hunyo 18, 2013

Nagsasa Cove Adventure Part 2

Once upon a time, 8 drunkard strangers were brought to a magical cove called Nagsasa... it was so magical that all of their dreamy fantasies came to life...

One became a princess and slept on a Magic Carpet under the stars
The emperor celebrated his birthday drinking and eating the best things the kingdom has to offer
All had nothing but genuine smiles

The heavens showered the mortals with simple sweetness

All men are equal regardless of size, color or creed

Sea Creatures offered themselves to their mortal masters

SAND MERMAIDs do exist

In this world, everyone has a destined pair

Giants teeming with hands called leaves

Abundant happiness could be found at the beach

That friendship brings about peace

there's a child in all of us

Hope that you'll find your magical place, too. 

Thanks for dropping by.



2 komento:

  1. love ko 'to "In this world, everyone has a destined pair"... nice friend! galing mo tlg! ;)

  2. hahaha.. tsinelas nga may kapares, tao pa kaya? :P