Biyernes, Hunyo 28, 2013

ELF Bohol - Cebu Trip : Bohol Countryside Tour

Hello Friends!

I'm just too happy that I had 2 checks off my bucket list - to visit Cebu and Bohol. This trip was even more special because I got to spend 4 lovely days of leisure, food, laughter, beach, rain and sun with ELF and partners.

Let the tour begin!

After the usual "Kitaan sa Junction" ritual, off we went to the Airport!

Checking in, oh yeah!
Excited? Oo naman!

After 1 hr and 15 minutes up in the air...
Touchdown, Cebu! (Picture grabbed from Joanne's FB Page)
Ocean Jet 88 took us to the Tagbilaran Port in Bohol. Thanks to Lori's bargain hunting skills, we booked the promo back-and-forth ferry fare for P740 only, instead of the P800 one-way fare.

We took the tour package for P2600 per pax which includes the following for our 3-day Bohol escapade (will post our itinerary later).

- Aircon transfer from airport/pier to hotel/resort and vice versa.
- Aircon car/ van for the tour countryside tour & Panglao tour
- Hotel/Resort accommodation 2N/3DAYS without breakfast
- All tour entrance fees
- Buffet lunch at Loboc River Cruise during Bohol Countryside tour 
- Driver and Tour Guide

First Stop: Loboc River Cruise Lunch and Buffet. Boy! This was hell of a fun dining experience. We had an entire hour eating our hearts out, while cruising the Loboc River. We had a singer on board serenading us while we enjoy our lunch.
ELF and Sophie
Nic+Mic: Bears with Happy Tummies
Too bad it was raining when we headed for the famous Chocolate Hills. It was dripping wet, yes... but, who cares? :P
It was still raining when we got to the Tarsier Conservation Area. These Tarsiers are now endangared, and we are really lucky to see them for real. Visitors are not allowed to touch these species known to be the smallest primates, but pictures can be taken- only if the camera flash is turned off.  (Picture courtesy of Joanne)
The man-made forest with the masisipag na ELF magpapicture kahit umuulan. Joanne's photo.

The lazy kids who chose to stay inside the van
Hanging by the Hanging Bridge
Pupal Stage of the Butterflies (at the Butterfly sanctuary)

"Hindi totoong nakakabulag ang pakpak ng paru-paro. Alam nyo kung ano ang nakakabulag? PAG-IBIG" -Richard the Guide

Here's Mic Snake Lovin' - Bohol Python Prony

We ended our countryside tour with a simple dinner at the Chicken Ati-atihan restaurant. After eating, we checked in at the Dumaluan Beach Resort 1.


Our Day 1 Itinerary

Salamat sa pagdaan! Will tell you about the next days of our Cebu-Bohol Trip soon.


Martes, Hunyo 18, 2013

Nagsasa Cove Adventure Part 2

Once upon a time, 8 drunkard strangers were brought to a magical cove called Nagsasa... it was so magical that all of their dreamy fantasies came to life...

One became a princess and slept on a Magic Carpet under the stars
The emperor celebrated his birthday drinking and eating the best things the kingdom has to offer
All had nothing but genuine smiles

The heavens showered the mortals with simple sweetness

All men are equal regardless of size, color or creed

Sea Creatures offered themselves to their mortal masters

SAND MERMAIDs do exist

In this world, everyone has a destined pair

Giants teeming with hands called leaves

Abundant happiness could be found at the beach

That friendship brings about peace

there's a child in all of us

Hope that you'll find your magical place, too. 

Thanks for dropping by.



Linggo, Hunyo 9, 2013

Tropang Gubas Goes to Nagsasa Cove - Part 1

Summer just couldn't end without us going on a budget trip just to beat the heat. We decided to go to Zambales since it's not too far and we wanted to go on a camp trip for a change. 

The next phase of our getaway planning brought us to some word-of-mouth and blog research. Adaphobic served as a great guide, complete with budget, check lists, itineraries and time estimates. To save time and moolah, we voted to bring our car instead.

Our budget: PhP 2000 per head.


The Big Day!

Mic and I ended our shifts at 6:00 AM, so the rest of the gang picked us up in our workplace parking lot. Just so we would not starve to death upon reaching our destination, we had adobo and rice, along with some sandwiches prepared in advance. 


It was an approximately 5-hr drive until San Antonio, Zambales. Here is were we did the wet market shopping for food and drinking water. Afterwards, we went to Pundaquit beach were we had our car parked near the barangay hall. We rented 2 small boats (PhP 1800 each, 4 pax per boat) since there were 8 of us in the group. The boat ride from Pundaquit to Nagsasa is took around 45 mins. to an hour. The long boat ride did not get us bored. We had some time for

Inter-boat Picture taking :P

 Goofing around

and admiring Majestic Rock Formations and everything nature has to offer


We immediately set up our camp upon arriving at Nagsasa Cove. 

 Tents and Hammocks

More of this trip on my next post!