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Run Run Run Away Baby! (World Vision Fun Run)

What's up 7-up?

Being a relatively young couple that we are, Mic and I never get tired of trying new things together. One morning, during his usual what-happened-on-my-day-at-work chismis sessions, he told me that he wants to sign us up for the World Vision Fun Run. This is a fund-raising activity that targets to raise funds for the studies of the children supported by World Vision. It actually was discussed in his office, and his boss mentioned that "outsiders" are welcome (but that, he meant that those who are not a part of the company). Being cool with his office buddies and motivated to shed off some body fat, I happily accepted the challenge. What made me excited is that this is our first fun run. It wasn't cheap though. The registration fee was 500 bucks for the 3K run which includes the following:

1. Running Singlet (singlet pala tawag dun sa pang-takbo.. last week ko lang nalaman... hehehe)
2. Locker Stub
3. Raffle Stub
4. Loot Bag 

The hubby and his office mates registered on their office, but outsiders were asked to register in the Reebok boutique in Eastwood. 

06.24.2012- the Big Day!

We had a few preparations before the fun run. Mic had to buy a new pair of running shoes, and I had to find him running shorts (Nautica shorts from ukay-ukay for only 100 bucks). As for me, I just ransacked my closet and found a pair of jogging pants. The assemble time for 3K runners was at 5:25 Am at the Bonifacio Global City. So we left the house at around 3:30, met some of his workmates and off we went to the venue.

After depositing our things to the locker station, we proceeded to the start area for the warm up. We cheered our hearts out after the gunshot and ran. We practically ran the 1st kilometer. However, I started to feel dizziness. Mic told me that my face turned Maroon (literally) so we had to slow down and walk a bit. It was heck of a challenge but we both agreed that despite our slow speed, we have to finish what we have started. When I recovered, we increased our pace and brisk walked. At the sign of the finish line, we once again ran as fast as we can and finish the race. Yey!

At the finish line, we surrendered the sensors and were greeted with the following free stuff at the loot area:

1. Tupperware Eco Drinking Bottle with water (valued at 300 bucks, with 10-year warranty)
2. Pocari Sweat
3. Lipton Iced Tea
4. Kellogg's Cereal Samples
5. Fit N' Right
6. Runners Magazine
7. Clusivol Vitamins
8. Loot Bag (which had a big Johnsons Baby Cooling Powder, trail mix, laundry soap, shampoo and conditioner samples, chips and candies)

 Diane, Alvin, Nic (Me) and Mic


 That's my still maroon-colored face after the run. This was taken after I puked my heart out. As I mentioned, I felt too dizzy at most parts of the race.

We stayed for a bit longer after the race for the program. Afterwards, we had a quick brunch at Chic-Boy and stayed at Kevin's place for some booze and rest (yes, we depleted the purpose of shedding off some calories.. hehe). Nonetheless, it was indeed a FUN run and we're looking forward to doing it again. The reg fee was all worth it. 

Next target: 5K run
Bucket List: to finish a 21K (I'll train for this I swear!!!)

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  1. Sana next time, may prep kayo, may practice, hindi yun basta basta takbo! hahaha.. Ampula mo nga! Hindi ko keri mga fun run, mamamatay ako ng maaga jan..

    Mga Tugon
    1. wahehe.. syempre te.. chance na to para umimpis nang very very light..

    2. gusto ko din mga try ang fun run... hehe... saan kaya ako aabutin nito? :p

  2. Di ko pa na try ang tumakbo for a cause. Di ko na yata kaya pag malayo at baka hikain ako. hihi! dropping by from joanne's blog!

    Mga Tugon
    1. hi anney! salamat.. nakakakilig.. hindi lng pala kami ni joanne ang nagbabasa ng blog ko. chos! thanks for dropping by. msaya tumakbo.. lalo n for a cause sya. try mo din te :)

    2. love your bento series by the way! makarma sana yung nagnakaw ng posts mo.. ^_^

  3. welcome to the blogosphere. ;p

  4. thanks Olvr. dream come true ito.. thanks for dropping by