Biyernes, Hunyo 29, 2012

E.L.F Timeline

Who would want to have a barkada name as cheesy as "Ever Lasting Friends"? We certainly do... :)
I went home tonight with a big smile on my face. This was indeed a blessed Friday night, for I was given a chance to celebrate happiness with my dear friends. A simple dinner, stroll and evening laughter in Eastwood was all it took me to forget the test of faith that I am currently in. Good thing I have this bunch of crazy people I call friends to cheer me up. I love them to bits. I would like to grab this chance to bring back the hands of time and remember where it all started...

1998- Grade school Circa: Ang "Magkakalaban"

The instances that we would only see each other are during inter-school competitions such as district quiz bee, press conference and "Tagisan ng Talino"- as competitors representing our respective schools. For me, they were just familiar faces that I had to beat. Keber sa kanila. However, after winning certain titles in the District Schools Press Conference, we became closer as we composed the Taytay II team to compete in the Division level. We were fetched by a certain jeep and brought to the venue, which is 1-2 hrs. away from our pick-up point. During this week-long stint, we were given the chance to know each other a little better- Lori, Joana, Joanne and I.

1999- 2003- High School Life: "Tales of Jeepney Rides, Pahingi ng Piso at Tigang na Corned Beef"

After our gradeschool graduation, all of us went to Rizal National Science High School. Stacy, coming from a different district was actually a new face, but we did not have a hard time embracing her in the group, because of her bubbly personality. Since all of us live in Taytay, Rizal, we ended up going home together. Jeep rides were always fun. Despite being in different sections, we still managed to see each other during free weekends over hearty breakfast/lunch/merienda/merienda ulit/dinner until our stomachs would burst in Lori's house. Her Nanay would even wrap food for us to bring home to our mothers, so that we won't be scolded for going home late. We always pick each other as partners during group activities because working and studying with friends is always great. Before the exams, we would review our lessons in "Bukid", a grassy area in a field near our house which was guarded by a tree (where we planted letters to our crushes that time.. eww). We usually celebrate the announcement of Top Students in McDonald's since Lori, Joana and Joanne almost never missed to be a part of the list. Thus, they treat the group (Stacy and I were their SLAVES- in charge of the orders and asking for tons of extra ketchup). I didn't mind to study as much. Besides, I wasn't that brainy when it comes to Math so I left the academic chuva to them (I know, lame excuse).

Highschool wasn't actually all-fun. Most of us came from poor families and being scholars was our only way to get educated. There were times that I did not have enough allowance to go home. To get by, I asked for 1 peso from each of the gang so that I could have enough fare to ride a jeep. Lunch was just easy. I just had to bring a spoon  so that I could share Stacy's lunch, without her having to lend me her fork. During physics classes, Lori/Stacy would lend me their scientific calculators (good thing we were from different sections, and classes were scheduled differently). I couldn't afford to buy one. Those times were just too tough. Good thing I had Joanne, Joana, Lori and Stacy by my side to cope up. 

2003- 2007- College: Busy Ako, Busy Sila, Pero Kailangang May Time Para sa Isa't-isa"

Come College, I was left with no choice but to work as a part-time service crew in Jollibee. My dad died just too early so I had to find a way to earn my allowance. Study by day, work by night. with God's grace, we still managed to earn respective scholarships to college. Joanne and Joana went to Meralco Foundation and Lori was educated in University of Asia and the Pacific. Stacy went to Polytechnic University of the Philippines and I got my chance in UP. All of us were just too busy. But during special occasions like birthdays and stuff, we still managed to find time to get together.

Lori's party


2007- Present: Career+Family+Friends+Fun= BONGGA!

After graduation, God gave us jobs to help with our needs. Aside from our careers, Lori and I settled down and are both starting a family of our own. Lori married Joel 3 years ago, while Mic and I are on our 2nd year after tying the knot. Joana, on the other hand is in a blooming relationship with Julius, while Joanne and Stacy are enjoying the perks of their single blessedness.

Once in a while, we save up for trips (albeit not too far) to enjoy our fun and growing group!


 ELF Goes to Baguio

For some reasons, we have color themes on our parties
Green is IN!

ELF and Company (Expanding friendships to Rowie, Joel, Mic, Zai, Rosa and Ela)

If my math skills serves me right, 2012-1999= 13. Wow. 13 glorious years of friendship. I hope this will last as long as we all shall live.

I love you friends to the moon and back!


Thanks Lori, Joanne and Rowie for the photos

How about you, do you have a tale of friendship, too?

Huwebes, Hunyo 28, 2012

Pick Up!

Nakilala ko si Mic sa isang Contact Center nung April 2007. Wavemates kami, actually. Sa dinami dami ng tao, kami pa yung nagkatabi kami ng station sa training room. Siguro, second day pa lang ng training eh close na kami nang very very light. Tipong pag nagkatinginan kami e tumatawa kami kahit walang dahilan. Isang araw...

Nic: Alam mo para kang gag show
Mic: Bakit?
Nic: Kasi natatawa ako pag nakikita ko yung muka mo.


After 1 and a half years of "Unofficially yours" na drama, e naging kami din. Minsan, habang nakasakay kami sa jeep na mejo puno ng tao...

Mic: Brad (endearment namin), anong height mo?
Nic: 5'2 1/2", 5'3"... not sure. Bakit?
Mic: Ang laki mo pala.. paano ka nagkasya sa puso ko?
Nic: <Speechless><Blush>

Sa text:

Mic: Alam mo, unti-unti kang tumataba, bumibilog..
Mic: At nagiging mundo ko... magpapapayat ka pa ba?


May 2010- we got married a month after I have given birth to our daughter. 

Habang nakahiga at nagtatangkang matulog...

mic: sana pag nabaril ako, wag sa puso.
nic: bakit?
mic: kasi ikaw ang nasa puso ko! ♥


Mic: Metrobank ka ba?
Nic: Bakit?
Mic: Kasi with you, I'm in good hands


Minsan nagchat kami ni Mic sa FB kahit nasa magkabilang kwarto lng kami..
Nic: aylabyu
Nic: kunyari nasa langit ako tapos nasa impyerno ka. long distance relationship..
Mic: walng long distance sa mga taong nagmamahalan malayo man o malapit


Christmas time...

Christmas ka ba?

Kasi i want to MERRY you...♥

Sana hindi kayo naumay sa kabaduyan... hehe

Miyerkules, Hunyo 27, 2012

Run Run Run Away Baby! (World Vision Fun Run)

What's up 7-up?

Being a relatively young couple that we are, Mic and I never get tired of trying new things together. One morning, during his usual what-happened-on-my-day-at-work chismis sessions, he told me that he wants to sign us up for the World Vision Fun Run. This is a fund-raising activity that targets to raise funds for the studies of the children supported by World Vision. It actually was discussed in his office, and his boss mentioned that "outsiders" are welcome (but that, he meant that those who are not a part of the company). Being cool with his office buddies and motivated to shed off some body fat, I happily accepted the challenge. What made me excited is that this is our first fun run. It wasn't cheap though. The registration fee was 500 bucks for the 3K run which includes the following:

1. Running Singlet (singlet pala tawag dun sa pang-takbo.. last week ko lang nalaman... hehehe)
2. Locker Stub
3. Raffle Stub
4. Loot Bag 

The hubby and his office mates registered on their office, but outsiders were asked to register in the Reebok boutique in Eastwood. 

06.24.2012- the Big Day!

We had a few preparations before the fun run. Mic had to buy a new pair of running shoes, and I had to find him running shorts (Nautica shorts from ukay-ukay for only 100 bucks). As for me, I just ransacked my closet and found a pair of jogging pants. The assemble time for 3K runners was at 5:25 Am at the Bonifacio Global City. So we left the house at around 3:30, met some of his workmates and off we went to the venue.

After depositing our things to the locker station, we proceeded to the start area for the warm up. We cheered our hearts out after the gunshot and ran. We practically ran the 1st kilometer. However, I started to feel dizziness. Mic told me that my face turned Maroon (literally) so we had to slow down and walk a bit. It was heck of a challenge but we both agreed that despite our slow speed, we have to finish what we have started. When I recovered, we increased our pace and brisk walked. At the sign of the finish line, we once again ran as fast as we can and finish the race. Yey!

At the finish line, we surrendered the sensors and were greeted with the following free stuff at the loot area:

1. Tupperware Eco Drinking Bottle with water (valued at 300 bucks, with 10-year warranty)
2. Pocari Sweat
3. Lipton Iced Tea
4. Kellogg's Cereal Samples
5. Fit N' Right
6. Runners Magazine
7. Clusivol Vitamins
8. Loot Bag (which had a big Johnsons Baby Cooling Powder, trail mix, laundry soap, shampoo and conditioner samples, chips and candies)

 Diane, Alvin, Nic (Me) and Mic


 That's my still maroon-colored face after the run. This was taken after I puked my heart out. As I mentioned, I felt too dizzy at most parts of the race.

We stayed for a bit longer after the race for the program. Afterwards, we had a quick brunch at Chic-Boy and stayed at Kevin's place for some booze and rest (yes, we depleted the purpose of shedding off some calories.. hehe). Nonetheless, it was indeed a FUN run and we're looking forward to doing it again. The reg fee was all worth it. 

Next target: 5K run
Bucket List: to finish a 21K (I'll train for this I swear!!!)

Thanks for dropping by!


Huwebes, Hunyo 21, 2012

Lunch sa Gabi

What's going on, chicharon?

Habang pababa ako sa building ng office para sa aking 9:00 PM Lunch (weh.. lunch talaga tawag sa hapunan sa mundo namin.. wala na akong magagawa) e nagtext sa kin ang bunsong kapatid kong si Bujoy.

Toots, nsa <insert company name here> k n? Nsa paligid ako. Pnu umuwi?
Hehe. pd n kong mgloan s pag-ibig. Hehe.

Hanep! Nabawasan na ang populasyon ng mga tambay sa Pilipinas. Turns out nag-job offer na pala sya kagabi. Ang saya nung bata. Literal na tumalon sa Cybermall nung nakita ako. Masyada din ako para sa kanya, actually. At least, she now gets the chance to earn her own money and save up for her future- at sa iisang lupalop ng mundo lng kami magtatrabaho. Ang saya-saya. Come Monday, tatlo n kami contact center kids sa bahay - Ako, si Mic at si Bujoy. Wala lungs.



Miyerkules, Hunyo 20, 2012

Pers Episode: The Cast of Characters ng Tropang Ina

Ola, tinola!

Matagal ko nang pangarap magkaron nang blog... Bilang mahilig akong mag-stalk at nainspire din ako sa uber beautiful kong friend na si Joanne :), finally, here it is. My name is Nic. Nice to meet  you. hehe.

Itey ang aking fez. Maliban sa midshift kong trabaho, wala naman akong ibang trip sa buhay kundi magbasa ng blog-nang-may-blog, tumambay sa bahay, at kung anu-ano pang blah-blah-blah kasama ng ka-love team kong si


Sounds like talaga yung mga pangalan namin nang hindi namin sinasadya. Pag pinapakilala nya ko sa mga taong iba, feeling nila ginagago lang namin sila. Nic. Mic. Nic Mic. Parang siraulo. Baka ganun talaga pag destiny <yeehee>. Wavemate ko sya dati nung callgirl pa ko. Tropa-tropa ganyan. Pagkatapos ng madaming bote ng San Mig Light, holding hands at kape sa Starbucks e naging kami din.Two years na ding Married ang status namen sa fezbuk. At bilang reward sa pagsuko namin sa aming blessed singleness, binigyan kami ni Bro ng ultimate gift. Walang iba kundi si


Athena Miguelle yung full name nya. Athena (dahil ginawa kong baby book yung Mythology ek ek ng kapatid kong si Bujoy. Ibig sabihin, Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom) tapos, Miguelle (ibang version ng Michael.. pangalan ni Mic sa totoong buhay). Para short-cut, tinatawag namin syang Tinay. Plano naming ipangalan sa mga Dyos ng Mount Olympus yung pangalan ng susunod na magiging junakis namin. Apollo o kaya Adeona (Goddess of Safe Return). Sabi ko, Nike na lang para Goddess of Victory. Ayaw nung pudra.. kasi parang sapatos yung pangalan ng anak nya.

So there... malamang sa malamang e umikot ang blog na ito sa mga kwento ng aming small family, stick figures, istoryang tropa, tambay at kung ano-ano pang isipin na bigla na lang susulpot.

So pano... babay, tinapay!