Biyernes, Enero 11, 2013

My 26th

My birthday fell in a month-end reporting week.. so I wasn't actually allowed to go on leave. To cheer me up on my 26th birthday, Brad obliged to treat me for a birthday breakfast at Conti's in Katipunan.

Happy Family : )

After coming home from our post-shift breakfast, I stayed in our room to finish a few more reports. When I came downstairs for a quick bio break, this is what I saw in our table. I was so touched that my mom and my sister prepared a simple lunch to celebrate my special day. I only wished for Sinigang na Baboy for lunch days back...


Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me 26 wonderful years filled with love from all the people around me - my family, my friends, people from work and random strangers. Thank you for all the blessings, for the ups and downs, thank you for this life...

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  1. ang cute ni tinay dun sa pic nio... parang dalaga na... kala ko ibang bata ung kasama nio... hehe!

    happy bday ulit... sorry, hindi kami nakarating sa bday celeb mo...